MOBATSim: Traffic Model

The traffic model of MOBATSim is an m-file which contains checkpoints and the routes between these points. The structure is converted into a digraph consisting of nodes and edges. The nodes are the points which are then used by the vehicles as starting and ending points. The edges are one-way routes between these nodes and are defined either as straight roads or curves. The local trajectory planner of the vehicle first uses its pathfinding algorithms to derive a path (depends on the customized algorithm, either by choosing the shortest path or the fastest path) and then derives the checkpoints and the routes to use.

MOBATSim Traffic Plot

The generation of this map file is done by SolidWorks 2D Sketch. Then the sketch is exported into an m-file by defining the cartesian coordinates of the nodes and the shapes of edges(either straight roads or curves). This format is defined for a 2D visualization during the simulation and it the pathfinding algorithms of the vehicles can read it. The 2D sketch can be made 3D using the SolidWorks and then exported into the virtual world format for MATLAB V-Realm Editor. Click here to read about the 3D World and Simulink 3D Animation.

MOBATSim Traffic Simulation