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  • SafeTown Project

    INVEST Funding, more details coming soon ... read more »

  • Virtual Safety Assessment of Autonomous Vehicle Functions

    Automated driving systems tend to be more prominent and sophisticated in the nearest future. The functional safety assessment for these systems becomes an urgent necessity for the transition to full autonomy. Testing these functions consisting of decision and control algorithms, in a unified manner, is a challenging task. ... read more »

  • Using MOBATSim for Simulation-based Fault Injection

    MOBATSim works completely on MATLAB and Simulink, there is no need for a chain of tools with defined interfaces. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) of MOBATSim is developed on MATLAB App Designer and is used to define the simulation parameters. ... read more »

  • Autonomous Vehicle Model in MOBATSim

    The structure of an autonomous vehicle in MOBATSim consists of different abstraction levels. The reason for this abstraction is to allow the user to easily access and customize the low-level components, their inputs/outputs, and the implemented decision and control algorithms by clear interfaces between these components and subsystems shown in the figure. There four main interfaces; Perception, Decision-making, Trajectory Planner and Communication Output. ... read more »

  • MOBATSim: Traffic Model

    The traffic model of MOBATSim is an m-file which contains checkpoints and the routes between these points. The structure is converted into a digraph consisting ... read more »