MOBATSim (Model-based Autonomous Traffic Simulation Framework) is a simulation framework based on MATLAB Simulink that allows the user to assess vehicle level and traffic level safety by a 3D traffic simulation.

Urban City Mobility Simulation

Use MOBATSim to simulate urban city traffic, design intersection management algorithms for the infrastructure or path planning algorithms for vehicles and test the efficiency of your algorithms by PC-based simulations. Use Simulink 3D Animation with V-Realm to visualize your driving scenarios.

MOBATSim 3D Animation

Simulink Models

Model the behavior of your autonomous vehicles or implement human driver models to evaluate the traffic flow. You can use the standard Simulink blocks from the library or use MATLAB System Blocks for the implementation of complex algorithms. Simulink allows the usage of simulation-based fault injection methods for the safety assessment

MOBATSim Simulink Model
MOBATSim Presentations
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